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Onuki Photo Studio, Co. Ltd – CEO
Bliss, LLC.  – Member Manager
International Portrait Association  – Representative Director

Born in 1968. Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Self-awareness born in a long-established photo studio and growing complex

Founded in 1892, as the eldest son of a photo studio that has been in business for 135 years, he spent his childhood understanding and accepting that it was his destiny to take over the photo studio. However, when he was in elementary school, which should have been a fun time with many friends, when he triumphantly ran for the student council elections in the 6th grade, he lost the election. Furthermore, in middle and high school, he belonged to the photography club, but he was not evaluated, and he believed that he had no talent for photography, and his self-image continued to decline. Although he enrolled in Nihon University College of Art’s Department of Photography, he spent his days escaping from reality and spending his days playing around, becoming increasingly tormented by self-loathing.

I faced "photography" for the first time during the four years of studying photography in the United States

After graduating from university in Japan, he got a job at a major commercial studio, working from early morning until late at night like a rag. She studied abroad at the Brooks Institute of Photography, which is famous for photography education. She was asked to create a work in a short period of time in a weekly assignment at the university. She improves her skills by repeating concept making, searching for models, and submitting works with the required quality. She changed her attitude towards her photography, which had hitherto been good at 80 points, and her constant striving for perfection paid off, and she graduated with the best undergraduate award. Her confidence as a photographer becomes firmer.

From the fact that "I can't shoot Japanese people well!", I decided to master lighting.

After returning to Japan, he returned to his family’s photo studio and set out to shoot with enthusiasm, saying, “I’m going to be active!” The reason for this was the difference in the skeletal structure between the American model for the work he photographed while studying abroad and the Japanese model he photographed after returning to Japan. He realized that in order to shoot Japanese people three-dimensionally, it was necessary to be creative with lighting, and this led him to master “lighting.” However, around this time, she was still applying to photo contests, but she was unable to win, and she faced the harsh reality of receiving severe criticism from her seniors. I changed her frustrated feelings into a fighting spirit to “look at it now”.

Focusing on company management but not producing results。

When I was about to lose my confidence in photography again, I also wanted to make the photo studio bigger, so I focused on management for a while. But he didn’t get the results he expected. However, when I think about things such as “I was born as the heir to a photo studio,” “I was the only university with a photography department that I was able to pass,” and “I have been with photography so far,” I thought, “For me, photography is the only thing.” I realized that there is no such thing as this, and renewed my determination to “perform photography to the best of my ability and do a job that makes people happy.” In 2000, he borrowed a large amount of money and opened his ideal studio “Paseo Nuevo”. From around this time, changes appeared in his photographs, and he regained his self-confidence again.

Developed "Branding Photo®" that can enhance your self-image on the portrait.

Teenagers who had low self-image, lacked self-confidence, and struggled with things. As a result of her own bitter experience and continued pursuit of the importance of “self-image”, in 2007 she started portrait photography that “looks professional” and “is trusted and chosen” for business people. . The name of the service is “Branding Photo®”. Through counseling before shooting, he shows a thorough commitment to shooting with lighting that maximizes the charm of the person. As a “magician of light”, branding photos, which express 200% of the person’s splendor through photographs, are now a popular menu that is constantly being requested by many celebrities and business owners.

Accept the changes of the times, but only the "Genuine" remains

With the times, the equipment, shooting methods, lighting, and people’s awareness of photography have changed greatly. There is also the reality that speed is required rather than production of high-quality content. While incorporating digital technology and making full use of the latest technology, we have accepted the changes positively. However, he says, “I want to maintain my dignity as a photographer who knows the depth of analog photography and pursue real portraits.”

He is a leading figure in portrait photography and family photography in Japan. 2013 “Fuji Film Business Photo Contest” Gold Award. He regularly holds seminars on the theme of portrait photography for amateur and professional photographers to nurture the next generation. He also gives lectures and seminars both at home and abroad. In 2017, he also gave an online video seminar. He has taken many photos of celebrities, corporate presidents and managers. In 2020, his book “Family Photo Magic” (WAVE Publishing) will be published.

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